Amargosa Springs Wildlife Refuge

Where the Pupfish Play

Produced for: US Fish & Wildlife Service
Location: Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, NV
Official Selection: San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition (2009)
Surrounded by kangaroo rats, lizards, golden cholla cactus and other desert diversity in the Mojave, pupfish live in clear, sapphire blue springs. They face a number of growing threats to their survival in a region with limited water and increasing development. USFWS Biologist Cristi Baldino tells us about these resilient and yet vulnerable desert pupfish and their species’ fight for survival. (2009, 3 min)
“It was such a pleasure working with someone who understands and appreciates the unique and vulnerable environment of Ash Meadows with its 26+ endemic and 14 threatened and endangered species. You demonstrated sensitivity and respect for the resources while still producing a superb product. I would be happy to work with you on future projects. Best wishes for the success of your new film company!” Cristi R. Baldino, Fish and Wildlife Biologist, Ash Meadows Natl Wildlife Refuge, NV.