Climate Change in the Mojave

Shifting Sands

Produced for: National Park Service
Location: Mojave Desert Natl Preserve, CA
Official selection: American Conservation Film Festival and the High Desert Film Festival
Played at: Mojave Desert NP Visitor’s Center
Aired: Life on Terra (MT- PBS), 2011
The Mojave- a landscape of extreme and fragile beauty- will encounter new challenges with the coming climate change. Desert field researchers tell the story in their words and share their experiences with us. Joshua trees, Bighorn sheep, pupfish, desert springs, and even the soil crust itself face new problems. (2009, 18 min)
“Thanks for all of your high quality work on Shifting Sands! It is a beautiful and educational film. You folks should be very proud of your work! I think the film flows well, the quality of the images is great, and the mix male/female and expertise is balanced, the messages from the NPS at the end were well placed, and I really like the inspirational pieces- the researchers have established their credibility as scientists and then had the opportunity to put their hearts on their sleeves.” Paula Ogden-Muse, Skagit District Interpreter, North Cascades National Park.