Waitt Institute of Discovery

Search for Amelia

Filmed for: Waitt Institute of Discovery & Woodshole Oceanographic Institute
Produced and Edited by Liz Smith, WID
Location: US Phoenix Islands (open ocean near Howland Isl)
A Waitt Institute of Discovery project. Filmed and field produced for 20+ webshorts during a 2 month expedition on the open ocean near the Phoenix Islands in search of Amelia Earhart’s Electra.
“After spending seven weeks at sea floating in the middle of the Pacific aboard a working oceanographic vessel, I can confidently say that Stephani is well suited for her passion of making science and marine films. She has an inquiring mind, a keen sense of emotional and visual detail that is the base of all good storytelling. In addition, she is technologically savvy, courageous in the water, and easy to get along with. What more could you want from a marine filmmaker?” Ian Kellett, Director Of Photography, IK Productions.