Hawaii Parks in Peril

Rising Tide

Produced for: National Park Service
Location: Hawai’i (Big Island, Oahu, Molokai)
: Golden Kahuna Award (2008)- Honolulu Intl Film Festival
Official Selection: BLUE Ocean Film Festival, American Conservation Film Festival, Honolulu International Film Festival; selected to be part of 24-hrs of Climate Reality: The Dirty Weather Report (producer Al Gore)
Played at: Hawai’i Volcano’s National Park Visitor’s Center
Aired: Life on Terra (MT-PBS), 2010
Coastal ecosystems in the Hawaiian Islands are being squeezed between urban development and rising sea level- a direct effect of global climate change. How will the coral reefs, monk seals, native plants, and honeycreepers of Hawai’i deal with climate change? Local researchers working in the island chain’s stunning national parks tell us their concerns for wildlife, key habitats, and cultural resources. (2008, 13 minutes)
“Stephani Gordon gives us proof positive that what we do with our lives, wherever we are in the world, affects the rest of the planet, no matter how remote. Exquisitely shot in Hawai’i, Rising Tide is a cautionary tale for all of us about how even the native wildlife of the islands reacts to human activity.” Ronald Tobias, Supervising Producer for Rising Tide, Founder & Professor, Science & Natural History Filmmaking Program, Montana State University.